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Stilus – Sectional Title Levy Insurance


  • No more outstanding Levies
  • No more legal fees
  • No loan agreement

Contact your broker for more details or get a quick quote via our website www.stilus.co.za

Stilus Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd | Juristic representative of One Commercial Motor and Liability (Pty) Ltd an authorized Financial Service Provider, FSP 8783 underwritten by Absa Insurance Risk Management Services Ltd. (AIRMS)

Bounce – Property Rentals and Sales

Passionate about people, property and service excellence! Bounce is an innovative company with a passion for service excellence. Our approach to the real estate industry is that we deal with people first, property second!  Your property investment should be working for you and not you for your investment. It is therefore natural that we place a high premium on the correct, intensive management and administration of your portfolio.

Follow us on: www.bounce.net.za